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Do we really need to be self critical to stay motivated?

By Francois | August 25, 2016

I recently heard a sports journalist describe the 16 days of the Olympics as “a time where reality is suspended, where the human body achieves amazing things”.  I agree, but I also witnessed many athletes expressing disappointment for failing (in their eyes) to meet their…

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Learning to believe in ourselves

An ingredient that enables success…

By Francois | August 17, 2016

After winning the 100m final in Rio 2016 and making history as the only Athletics competitor to win gold for the same event in three consecutive Olympics, Usain Bolt was asked if he ever had any doubt about winning; his answer was a…

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5 Tips for shaping your mindset

By Francois | April 6, 2016

1. Identify your Strengths It is critical to know your strengths.  Research shows that when people use their strengths they perform better, achieve results faster and feel more satisfied, energised and engaged.  Identifying and playing to your strengths supports you…

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A plant breaks through the asphalt, representing the triumph of nature over humanity's creations.

Developing Resilience to survive and thrive

By Francois | October 12, 2015

When facing challenges, learning to cope is critical in our fast changing environment.  From professional pressures to dealing with personal issues and striving to have it all, people strong in resilience take setbacks in their stride, recovering quickly and getting…

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