Insight to Action: From Problems to Possibilities

6 Hour Coaching Program

What’s the Insight to Action program all about?

They say a change is as good as a holiday, but oftentimes adaption is not as simple amidst the chaotic, diverse business environment that we work in.

If you feel you’re stuck in a rut or a little unsure where to go next, then the Insight to Action sessions are something not to be overlooked.

Our one-on-one coaching strategy focuses on seeking solutions rather than talking about problems. That is, we don’t focus much on getting to know the cause of the problem or exploring it too deeply.

Solutions Focused Coaching

Successful change is about taking baby steps whilst being guided by a professional.

It’s a process that works best when you are given the right support to work through challenges, and in some circumstances, finally discover the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Insight to Action program is designed to help move from ‘Problem Talk’ to ‘Action Planning’. It’s a solutions-focused approach that gives you the foundations for creating positive change, allowing you to confidently, but comfortably follow through with self-improvement.

This model consists of 3 sessions as we have discovered it is the best way to provide a ‘toe in’ with only a small investment. It encourages clients to enter into a one-on-one coaching relationship and build a forward-thinking, achievable action plan.

This helps you gain clarity as you see what is possible and what can be achieved.

These 3 sessions are instrumental in assisting the individual to shift from a problem state to a world with new possibilities and become clear about their next steps, what they are going to do to move forward and get unstuck!

Who is the Insight to Action program for?

While business management and strategic planning may come naturally to some, many others face both self-improvement and employee development-related challenges.

Find out what you can expect below!

Business owners and professional individuals will learn to:

Recognise their competencies

Discover professional abilities

Evaluate their resources

Analyse what they’ve already done and perhaps why it is not working and getting them the desired results.

Rather than an expert coming to the rescue, you are empowered to construct solutions within a collaborative relationship where you are seen as the expert in your own life. This is because you have the best sense of what has worked, what hasn’t, and what could work in the future.

You are supported to come up with achievable steps in creating alternative solutions using a development action plan. We work together to break down the solutions into manageable steps that are then able to be actioned as bite-sized chunks.

Insight to Action Inclusions

The program includes:

Total of 6 hrs of coaching

3 sessions for the price of 2

2hr weekly sessions delivered via by phone / skype or face to face

We move from ‘Problem Talk’ to Action Planning

Gain clarity to develop an Action Plan for taking action

Get focused on taking action having identified compelling reasons to change things

Grow self-confidence to move through barriers.

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