Find Your Edge: Coaching for Performance

3 Month Program

Playing To Your Strengths – Optimising Productivity and Performance

In a rapidly changing world, the best chance for organisations to gain a sustained competitive advantage is through the contribution of their people performing at their best. For individuals to thrive in this dynamic environment they need to understand their strengths to generate optimal performance.

When people begin recognising their strengths and are given the opportunity to do what they do best every day, the effect on them and their team is powerful.

‘Find Your Edge’ - Coaching for Performance aims to achieve work-related goals by supporting individuals to make better use of their existing strengths and abilities.

Do you struggle to positively influence others and enhance business outcomes?

Do you want to gain a competitive advantage to perform better and increase productivity?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions, then this program would be great for you.

Who is the Find Your Edge program for?

It’s for:

Leaders or senior managers wanting to be more productive and get more done

The ambitious professional not satisfied with their current performance

Business owners wanting to drive better results and avoid the notorious ‘burn out’

Employees feeling as though they aren’t achieving what they’re capable of.

What does the program focus on?

It’s to:

Support those looking to perform better consistently

Assist in making the most of current resources and get the best out of yourself

Move from languishing to flourishing

Develop pathways for achieving goals

Discover your personal competencies that generate optimal performance

Highlight the best in you, recognising your resources to boost productivity

Activate an individual’s internal resources to maximise their potential

Provide insightful feedback

Provide sustained follow up to help you maintain action.


Most people aren’t able to accurately identify their own strengths and therefore find it difficult to use them. But just because you recognise your strengths doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re able to use your talents effectively.

Coaching for Performance provides the support essential for the integration of strengths and principles into development opportunities.

The program offers:

10 hours of coaching delivered over 3 months

Consisting of 6 fortnightly sessions...

Session 1 = 2hrs

Sessions 2-5 = 1.5hrs

Session 6 = 2hrs

Access to a qualified accredited Strengths practitioner over 3 months

One on One Coaching delivered face-to-face, via skype or by telephone

Email and phone support beyond the fortnightly sessions

Strength assessment and debrief, supporting you to attain optimal performance

Use of evidence based strength assessment tool – scientifically validated and used by coaches / leading edge strengths development tool

One-on-one individual sessions to create the conditions for individuals to be at their best.

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