Empowering Teams

1 Day or 2 Half Day Program

Going from Good to Great

High-performers know, hone and use their unique and innate qualities to flourish above their peers in the business environment.

Teams that actively encourage members to express who they are and feel valued for what they can do, find that:

Team members are motivated and engaged to do their best

Team members deliver sustained performance

Interact in a way that nourishes positive emotions, relationships and achievements

Experience less turn over by strengthening team cohesion

They optimise employee engagement.

Research shows that teams that focus on strengths every day have greater productivity by as much as 12.5%, while teams that receive strengths feedback have greater profitability by 8.9%.

Domain of Focus

It is now known that recognising, appreciating and harnessing strengths in ourselves and others is one of the most efficient and effective paths to success in life.

Teams are perfectly suited to create conditions for individuals to feel empowered, expressing the best of who they are and ultimately thrive.

This program introduces character strength psychology to identify, explore the interplay of Character Strengths in individuals and teams to create synergy, a positive work environment which leads to higher performance by activating achievement and empowered leadership.

This workshop provides the tools for your team members to begin utilising their strengths to improve team connectedness and performance.

Application & Outcomes

The Character Strengths based program:

Enables a work team to discover their strengths and improve their functioning

Informs positive team interaction and communication using strength language

Utilises team members’ character strengths to improve team cohesion and performance

Provides an effective language of strength to gain a diversified perspective

Encourages development of team members to discover their strengths and make the most of situational leadership opportunities by empowering people for empowered leadership.


The Program - Going from Good to Great - enables teams to create the conditions for members to thrive:

Based on Positive Psychology using Character Strengths

Facilitated and delivered over two half-days to teams and their leaders

Ideal for project-based teams

Maximum 10 participants per workshop

Exploration of Individual Character Strength profile report(s) in a group setting

Exploration of Team Character Strength profile report

Practical strategies to connect with core qualities in self and others

Application of Team Strengths profile data to identify team strengths and areas of concern

Identify the source of potential conflict between individuals and create planned synergies

Comprehensive individual 1:1 Character Strengths profile debrief (Optional) following workshops.

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