Facilitating Productivity and Engagement in Teams

4 Week Program

From What’s Wrong to What’s Strong

A 20% improvement in engagement equates to a 42% increase in the bottom line

In today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment, team engagement matters.

Research shows that, while employees are at work:

Critically, 11%-17% are actively disengaged

Only 22%-29% are fully engaged

The vast majority, 54%-66%, are not engaged

When people in an organisation are engaged they:

Have a positive impact on the company’s customers

Have a positive impact on the company’s products

Create a greater impact on saving costs

Deliver higher standards of performance

Are substantially more likely to achieve their goals

Know their contribution is valued and look forward to coming to work

Deliver greater productivity in the workplace.

Individuals in teams who recognise and play to their strengths every day are 6x more likely to be engaged on the job and when their strengths are emphasised they perform better at work.

This engaging program highlights the individuals’ strengths as well as the team’s collective strengths allowing for greater efficiency, promoting diversity, greater cooperation, better communication and increased productivity.

Individuals who work with us can expect to:

Improve their communication

Work cohesively together

Be more engaged

Perform better.

Area of Focus

There are strong links between a primary focus on the use of strengths at work, active engagement and higher levels of productivity in the workplace.

Few organisations understand that the way to maximise engagement is to harness and develop the strengths of their employees for even greater team performance.

“When leadership fails to focus on individual’s strengths, the odds of an employee being engaged are 9%, but when they focus on strengths it rises to 73%”

Those who recognise this have the best chance of gaining a sustained competitive advantage through the contribution of their people.

Application & Outcomes

This unique strengths-based program is designed to:

Unlock the potential strengths of individuals in leading teams

Create an opportunity for competitive advantage

Energise people enabling them to work at their highest competencies

Support individuals in teams and better navigate increasing complexities

Identify the unique capability of each person to contribute to team objectives

Enhance communication by sharing a positive language of strengths along with realistic assessment of weaknesses

Increase resilience and prevent burn out.


The strengths approach is a clear and positive route to engaging employees’ contribution and engagement. The comprehensive tailored From What’s Wrong to What’s Strong program is delivered over a 4 week period and offers the following:

Combination of group training sessions and individual 1:1 coaching sessions

Ideal for up to 12 individuals per team

Introductory strength workshop to get people on board providing the research in using strengths in developing high performing and engaged teams

Individual strength profile reports

Comprehensive 1:1 Strength Debrief sessions with accredited Strengths practitioner

Half day Team Strengths Profile Workshop for members to learn more about themselves, each other and how to apply their strengths to overall team objectives

‘Manager Insights’ session supporting Managers to explore strengths based strategies to develop team members and maximise productivity in the workplace

Manager/ Leader follow up meeting to gain feedback in the application of strengths and discuss the impact of the program and progress made.

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