Manager-As-Coach Program

8 Week Program

Developing First Time Managers and Millennial Leaders

Business and executive coaching skills are considered essential competencies for first-time people managers.

While many organisations understand the value of leadership coaching, few have realised the full effect a strong coaching and mentoring culture has on increasing engagement and performance.

Many people struggle to implement a management style away from the ‘command and control’ mentality to a style based on inclusion, involvement and participation.

According to Gallup, only 21% of employees feel they are managed in a motivating way!

With such alarming facts it's obvious that emerging leaders need to adopt a different strategy, one that consists of:


Effective Conversations

Coaching and Support


The desire to move away from a command and control style of management can be best defined as CHEER Leader (Challenge, Empower, Encourage, Reinforce), a transition that is largely dependent on the ability of those in key leadership and management roles to coach.

As the workforce ages and more millennials enter management positions, it is critical for organisations to invest in their development to prepare emerging leaders for current and future leadership roles.

Shifting Gears

One of the challenges for managers in executive coaching conversations is how to shift from the driver’s seat to the co-pilot seat. The manager wants to be the expert and the one directing saying, “this is what you have to do.” This transformation is what many managers ultimately have trouble with.

The three most valuable skills and competencies for first-time people managers are:

Coaching and Developing Others

Demonstrating Their Emotional Intelligence

Engaging and Inspiring Others

The key is making the transition from an individual contributor to someone who can effectively organise and manage.

The challenge is that people will make the move into a manager role, but will still tend to cling to the areas they are comfortable with, which is generally the technical aspect of their previous role.

First-time managers feel like they don’t want to be too directive or bossy. But knowing when they need to be more or less directive is critical in their development.

Application & Outcomes

Being trained to use coaching skills with their teams impacts overall performance.

When performance conversations with managers focus on weaknesses, performance can decrease by 26%, but when individuals speak about their strengths instead it increases by 36%.

This program provides first-time managers the benefit of partnering with a coach to:

Use coaching skills with their teams and move to a manager-as-coach role. This allows them to be more collaborative and engaging

Develop leadership coaching skills to focus their conversations on their team members

Apply strengths-based conversation strategies to move their team members towards their goals

Apply coaching skills to improve communication in formal conversations around performance, feedback, career, development and goal setting

Adopt an open mindset to focus on people rather than purely on tasks enabling a mindset shift from individual contributor to effective manager.

Program Inclusions

The following outlines a strengths-based development program for first-time managers using coaching skills to improve performance and maximise the potential of their team members.

The program provides:

A tailored session delivered over 8 weeks

Introductory session to get people on board with ‘Why Strengths’ as a critical first step

Comprehensive 1:1 individual strength profile debrief session with an accredited strengths practitioner

Ideal for first-time managers and millennial leaders

One-on-one individual support to optimise work performance, increase productivity and improve communication

Ongoing coaching support available between 1:1 sessions

Optional follow up post-program to gain feedback and discuss the impact of the program, lessons learned and progress made.

Note: This program can be tailored for one manager or delivered to cater for a group of managers.

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