The 3 word phrase that can make all the difference

Do it Anyway, take actionI recently attended a seminar where the presenter held a book she’d written and said, “Who wants this book?”  Like most in the audience, I thought I would like to have that book.

The presenter went on to ask the same question a number of times until a participant jumped from her seat, hurried to the front of the room and took the book!

We had all been polite, well-mannered and waited…surely we couldn’t be seen to be jumping at an opportunity!  Perhaps it’s cultural or maybe it’s  conditioning to wait, but looking back, I have missed many opportunities that way.

We wait for permission to do anything.  We wait until we feel motivated, energised.  We wait until there is no fear, until doubt and insecurity get out of the way and give us permission to take action.  However, there are times when we have to act no matter how we’re feeling or thinking.  The opportunity is there for us to act and we must.

Sometimes, we must call upon our inner warrior and take action despite feelings of fear or insecurity that may arise.  Despite the well-meaning inner voices we hear of significant others who cautioned us to not “make a fool of yourself”, “you’ll get hurt”, “be careful”, “it’s too much for you”.

Do it Anyway

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we need to leave sufficient space to pause, reflect and take stock but I have learnt that no matter how I feel or know, no matter what inner gifts or talents, it’s only by taking action that they come to life.  There comes the time to stop holding back and be receptive to the good that comes your way!

Parting Thoughts

We need to let go of the idea that most of the time, fear and doubt are not a reason for not doing something.  Next time you are in the doorway of stepping out of your comfort zone, remember your vision of reaching your highest hopes and most cherished goals.  Despite all the fear, doubt and disbelief, follow through, focus on your goal.  Acknowledge that action and change require initial discomfort, effort, energy and Do it Anyway!

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