AC&T is committed to supporting clients to get the best out of themselves. Here is a sample of what some of our happy clients have to say...

L. B.


“Francois has been working with my team of managers & consultants for the past 12 months with some incredible results. I have been in business for 32 years and have attended many seminars & coaching sessions while building a multi-million dollar direct sales business with Nutrimetics International, one of Australia’s largest skincare & cosmetic companies.


Francois is the best business coach that my team have worked with in this time. The results he achieves with people have made a difference in both their business lives and personal lives & taught them how to focus on achieving the results they set for themselves.


I believe that Francois’s results come from a combination of the outstanding content, listening skills & the extraordinary passion he has for a making a difference with people.


Francois has the ideal personality to convince you that you are amazing and can achieve amazing results.


His quality questions really get down to the heart of any blocks that are stopping you from progressing in your business & your life.


I am so fortunate that I have come across Francois and to me he is providing the missing link in my business growth.”

Angelo Kondos

Tracy Roberts Real Estate, Wentworthville

A. F.


“Over the past twelve months I have had the privilege of working closely with Francois in a mentoring capacity. The experience was an absolute pleasure. I was challenged, informed, educated and enjoyed amazing personal growth both personally and from a business perspective from this experience.

Francois has the ability with his confidentiality, trust, spirituality and genuine kindness, care and teaching to ensure a positive outcome in all areas of life. It is an honour for me to recommend Francois and I wish him continued peace, happiness and success in his business.”

C. D.


“With his strengths based approach, I have developed total clarity on what drives me and what my vision is for my future.

Francois is a master at unlocking potential, guiding me to solutions which are aligned with my life purpose. He has a very tailored approach which is congruent to my individual requirements. I have built a tool kit which I will use for life.

Six months ago, I was going through the motions of daily life and accepting what came my way in terms of career, finances and relationships. I thought I had the right approach - tackle obstacles in my path and analyse challenges until the next one came along. I realise now I was caught in a rut.

Today, I find myself with a complete grasp of my finances and have reduced my debt significantly whilst increasing my reserves, I'm surrounded by like-minded people and am in a job with a higher status and salary than I've ever had. I am living my definition of success.

Thank you Francois”.

C. T.


“Thank you for all your help this year, it has been brilliant and very enlightening. What we set out to achieve we did and in some instances we surpassed my own expectations. All this would not have been possible without your coaching expertise François.

You brought a truthful spin to every meeting and ensured we left comfortable with what we learnt.

Whatever I have achieved and overcome this year is only possible with dedication and commitment, commitment to you and to the task with François. I would recommend him to anyone that would like a clearer and better future”

Broderick Wright

Ray White Real Estate

T. F.


“Working with François from Advance Coach & Training over the past 12 months has given me the confidence to put in place a set of realistic goals both personal & work related, work toward them & finally achieve them. That was beyond my expectation in terms of achieving such amazing results in such a short period of time.

What I appreciated the most about working with François, is his ability to cut through the predictable highs & lows of personal change; he is very patient and has a remarkable ability to show clarity even with the most difficult challenges.

Francois delivers real results, I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing person!”

L. P.


"Had the privilege of listening to this dear friend and mentor speak today. He made a massive impact to my life with his passion and dedication to serving others and helping them achieve success."

Gareth Huynh